Fr. Michael Bonnardi, M.R.S.

Marriages celebrated and blessed by a Catholic priest.

Dear Father Mike,

We would like to thank you for officiating our ceremony. It could not have been more perfect, it was actually our favorite part of the night. We truly do believe God brought us together along with our parents. We wanted to represent this and begin our new life together united in marriage incorporating our religion as we were raised. We love all that you and the Old Catholic Church stand for, thank you for allowing us to have God Be part of our marriage ceremony as we will continue to keep him in our lives and our marriage forever.  Thank you again,

Angelo and Kristie


Just as Jesus traveled to spread the Good News, so I will go to where your wedding will be held. I have officiated wedding ceremonies that have been held at churches, meeting houses, outdoor facilities, private homes and at banquet halls.

I would be very happy to assist you with your special day. Please contact me either by phone or email. Also, take a moment to view the sample ceremony and readings provided.

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Our Church

The Old Catholic Church is part of the One, Holy and Apostolic Church as founded by Jesus Christ. The Old Catholic Church broke off from the Roman Catholic Church after Vatican I in the 1870's. The Old Catholic Church holds and keeps Catholic tradition as established by the Apostles in the First Century. We are truly 'Apostolic' and therefore are truly 'Old' Catholic. We reject man made political agendas and regulations. We do not come under the direct authorityof the Pope in Rome, but under the authority of the Presiding Bishop of our jurisdiction, who holds and keeps Apostolic Succession.

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Wedding Readings

Please note: I am available after 5pm during the week for evening weddings (including Friday evening) and am available all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

Renewal of Vows

Are you already married? Thinking of renewing your vows? I would be happy to assist you in this special cermony. Please contact me and we can discuss the many options!

Please let me know if you would like more information